After bagging an Oscar for his phenomenal performance in Joker, Joaquin Phoenix has now signed up to play the historical French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, in Ridley Scott's upcoming film Kitbag. 

Scott's film will mainly narrate Napoleon's origins and his volatile relationship with his wife Josephine. He became an important chapter in France's history, (and later internationally) when he led military campaigns during the French Revolution. He remained the emperor of France from 1804-1814. He won a series of battles before his defeat at Waterloo. Later he was sent on exile to the island of Elba, then St Helena where he dies at the age of 51. 

Joker trailer screenshot
Joker trailer/ Warner Bros. Youtube

Kitbag - what we know

A report on Deadline mentioned that Kitbag is presently at its pre-production stage and will be one of the projects under the 20th Century Studios. The film will be directed and produced by Ridley Scott's own production house, Scott Free production company. Screenwriter David Scarpa has also been called on board for the development of the script. The duo had previously collaborated for the film, 'All The Money In The World'. 

Joaquin Phoenix remained the talk of the town for the longest time in the year 2019. After the late actor, Heath Ledger, Phoenix remained the second actor who perfectly portrayed the complexity of DC Comic's most feared villain, The Joker. He remained the second actor to be awarded the Oscar for a character played by two actors. The last time two actors shared an Oscar for playing the same character was Robert Di Niro and Marlon Brando for the portrayal of the famous character Vito Corleone, from The Godfather trilogy. 

Ridley Scott has also earned his fame for being a nominee for the best director of Academy Award for Gladiator. He was also nominated for films such as The Martian, Black Hawk Down and Thelma and Louise.