As the ISIS threat continues to loom over Kabul, United States president Joe Biden has issued a dire warning to the Islamic terror outfit. On Thursday, a terrorist attack on Kabul had killed at least 13 US servicemen, and it was followed by bomb blasts and a rocket attack. An irked Biden soon pledged to strike back and said, "We will respond with force and precision, at our time, at the place we choose, and at the moment of our choosing." 

Joe Biden's warning to ISIS

The statement from Joe Biden soon went viral on online spaces and several people called the words a final statement to ISIS before the United States retaliates with its military might. However, a section of Indian film buffs noted that Biden's warning sounded quite similar to the iconic dialogue rendered by Indian actor Raaj Kumar in the movie Saudagar, which was released in 1991. 

Joe Biden
Joe BidenIANS

In the movie Saudagar, Raaj Kumar said, "Hum tumhe marenge, aur zaroor marenge, lekin wo banduk bhi humari hogi, goli bhi humari hogi aur waqt bhi humara hoga," which means, "We will kill you, we will definitely kill you. However, we will choose the guns, we will choose the bullet, and we will choose the time when we do it." 

Joe Biden watching Bollywood movies? 

As the phrasing of these two dialogues sounded very similar, several netizens claimed that Biden could be an ardent fan of Bollywood movies. Industrialist Harsh Goenka shared a video on it, and wrote, "Inspiration comes the strangest of places." 

Awanish Sharan IAS probably found a reason behind such a cinematic dialogue from Joe Biden. He revealed that the White House director of speech writing is an Indian American.