After the Jammu and Kashmir Police released a statement over the arrest of a woman reportedly identified as the mother of a slain terrorist killed in a gun battle in 2018, the terror outfit The Resistance Front issued a threat to the J&K Police. 

The police statement said that the woman, Naseema Banoo, was booked "in a serious criminal case." The police cited an old photograph of Banoo with her slain son, where she is brandishing a rifle, as one of the reasons for her arrest.


The official statement adds that Banoo was under legally sanctioned custody at the women police station in Anantnag since her arrest.

According to the statement by J&K Police, "Just because she happens to be a woman or the mother of a killed terrorist does not make her immune to arrest. It is the prime duty of the police to arrest criminals to safeguard the people it serves and that has been done. Anyone who wishes to challenge the decision is free to approach the court of law for redressal," the statement by J&K Police over Naseema Banoo's arrest states

The police statement goes on to allege that a photograph of the woman holding an automatic weapon while sitting next to her son is proof enough of her involvement in militancy-related activities. Banoo's role has surfaced in recruiting at least two youngsters into military ranks, arranging arms and ammunition along with communication and logistics for militants and terror outfits.

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