Reiterating the commitment of his government to eradicate terrorism from its roots, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Monday said that some forces sitting across the border were trying to export bloodshed and destruction in Jammu and Kashmir.

However, the Lieutenant Governor observed that terrorism was in its last leg and sustainable peace would be established in J&K with the help of the people.

Earlier on Sunday, Manoj Sinha urged people to isolate terror elements to promote peace and tranquility in the Union Territory. He said that the Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing unique pollution in the form of terrorism.

He urged the people of J&K to isolate terror elements to promote peace. "In J&K we are witnessing another kind of pollution-terrorism, exported by our neighboring country and it is threatening our social harmony", he said.

"Terrorists are targeting innocent men, women, and even children. Society must speak up now, communities must come together as one entity to fight this menace", the Lt Governor said. Security forces are fully prepared to tackle terrorism.

LG Manoj Sinha

In an informal chat with media persons on Monday after inaugurating several projects under the smart city project, Sinha said the administration and the security forces were fully prepared and will not let those elements succeed.

"People of Kashmir understand and many, including religious preachers, have openly condemned such acts of violence. When a lamp is about to go off, its flare flares more. Terrorism is in its last leg, but they are trying the return to those days when terrorism was at its peak. The administration and the security forces are preparing with their full might to deal with it," Sinha said.

He said a huge change has taken place in the mindset of the people in Jammu and Kashmir.

"Some elements across are constantly trying to disturb peace because it does not favour them that there is a huge influx of tourists into the Valley and the economy is growing. The people here have to understand this, and I feel our strategy will succeed," the LG said.

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Lays the foundation stone of various projects

In Srinagar, Lieutenant Governor laid foundations of various projects in Srinagar city. The projects included up-gradation and redevelopment of Nishat-Sathu and Nishat Bagh Precinct; Lake Front development along Northern Foreshore road of Dal Lake from Nishat, and redevelopment and beautification of Shalimar Canal.

The Lt Governor said that the new projects are aimed to transform Srinagar from a crowded city into one of the most pedestrian and cycle-friendly cities in the country.

Underscoring the need for preserving the essence of the city as the foundation of any development work, the Lt Governor said that the Smart City projects will also restore values of art and cultural heritage.