After various reports claimed that that the local cable operators in the Kashmir valley are streaming TV channels which are banned by the Indian Government (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting), the Jammu and Kashmir government has banned 34 channels beamed from Pakistan and the Gulf countries, which are reportedly, 'encouraging violence and causing 'disturbance in Kashmir.'

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After Union Information and Broadcasting Minister, M Venkaiah Naidu expressed his concern over reports that these channels propagate hardline Islam and indulge in anti-India propaganda, the district magistrate issued an order that if any cable company broadcasts the banned channels they shall be subject to the violation of rule 6(6) of the Cable TV Networks Regulation Rule.

The magistrate also said that as per section 11 of the Cable TV Networks Regulation Rule, the state has the right to confiscate the equipment of cable operators allegedly airing unauthorised channels.

Among the list are the Urdu and English channels of Peace TV of controversial Islamic preacher and TV evangelist Zakir Naik, who is facing multiple terror and money laundering charges.

The other channels include Pakistani networks such as ARY, PTV and GEO. Several Islamic channels like Karbala TV, Ahli-biat TV, Noor TV and Hadi TV are also mentioned in the order along with a sports channel and a music channel.

While most of the Pakistani news channels refer to the terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen, Lashkare-Taiba as "martyrs" and counter-insurgency operations in Kashmir as "human rights violations," the Saudi channels propagate rigid, fundamentalist and patriarchal issues - like women should surrender before their husbands and obey their commands completely, they should not step out of the house without the permission of her husband etc.

Here's the entire list of channels banned by the District Magistrate:

List of Pakistani and Saudi channels banned in Kashmir
List of Pakistani and Saudi channels banned in Kashmir

A few days ago, the Kashmir government had also banned various social media sites to curb violence in the valley.