Narendra Modi election rally
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an election rally.IANS

Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured the people of Jharkhand that the Delhi government was focused on eliminating poverty at an election rally in Dhanbad for the ongoing assembly polls.

Assuring that the government was there for the poor of the state, Modi said, "Delhi government is of the poor, for the poor and by the poor."

Modi thanked the people for voting the Bharatiya Janata Party to power in the 2014 general elections and giving Delhi a majority government. He also thanked them in advance for the assembly elections, saying he had faith in the people of Jharkhand and believed they will vote only for BJP.

Further in his speech he asked the voters to get rid of the coalition government. Modi said, "A majority government is run by the common people whereas coalition governments are run by 'contractors'," IndiaTV reported.

Counting the years passed since the formation of Jharkhand, Modi said "Jharkhand is 14-year-old now. Jharkhand needs a stable government." He said the state needs attention and care for its development, similar to what a child of 14 years needs, which only a stable government can provide.

Modi referred to Dhanbad as the treasure having the bulk of "black diamond" – coal. He said this black diamond should be used to shine the state and also the nation. "You are sitting on black diamond. It should shine... Modi is here to do it."

He promised that his government will ensure that the coal wealth is utilised to get revenue for the state and create jobs for youth in their hometown.

Talking about migration, Modi said that his government was on a mission to provide jobs for the youth in their own state and city, which will prevent them from leaving their families and home in search of jobs.

"People are bound to flock to other places to earn their livelihood. Every youth should get job in his own town. I have started 'Make in India' campaign and I want everyone to stay in their home with their dear ones and earn livelihood," Modi said.

Towards the end of his speech, Modi shifted his focus to poverty. "Jharkhand has got natural resources but it is also a fact that Jharkhand is the poorest state," he said.

"If a rich person wants to go to Ranchi, he takes his own car and drives to Ranchi. But a poor needs bus and train to reach Ranchi. A rich person visits other country for education, he visits other hospitals for medical purpose but a poor needs institutes and hospitals here," he added.

Sharing his concerns for the poor of the state, Modi promised his government will work towards the development of Jharkhand and provide it with all the basic facilities needed for its betterment.

He said for the nation's development, betterment of the eastern region was as important as that of the western region.

Modi finally asked the people gathered at the venue to attend his rally to open bank accounts if they had not done it yet.

"I appeal you to visit your nearest bank for opening an account. Earlier, you were asked to produce a sum of amount for opening a bank account. But now, you visit the nearest bank and you can open a bank account with Rs 0 balance. The moment your bank account is opened, you will get Rs 1 lakh insurance cover as well," Modi said.