J Jayalalithaa

A video of late Jayalalithaa apparently at Apollo Hospital in Chennai has been released ahead of RK Nagar by polls. This is the first such clip which has been surfaced a year after her death in December 2016.

The video has been released by MLA Vetrivel. In the said clip, Jayalalithaa is seen sleeping on a bed, sipping a drink even as her eyes are fixed on something which is believed to be on TV.

The former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's death has been mysterious as not even single video clip or photo was released when she was admitted to the hospital for three months before she died on December 5.

The hospital authorities had clarified then that they have not recorded any video as requested by J Jayalalithaa. However, the release of the video clearly indicates that there was a breach of her privacy.

The timing of the release indicates that the politicians are using the clip to get political mileage ahead of RK Nagar by-poll, which will be held on Friday, December 21. This is an attempt to end the allegations on Jayalalithaa being dead even before she was brought to the hospital. 

Netizens have come down heavily on politicians and especially on TTV Dhinakaran as they feel that they are using the clip to claim Jayalalithaa's political legacy. Below, we bring to you their reactions to the latest development:

Vishnu Karikkattu‏: Dirty political game in TN politics as it is the worst time to release a video of #jayalalithaa admitted in Appolo Hospital. Only a day before the #RKnagarByElection #TTVDhinakaran faction trying badly to get an advantage out of it !

Vainathayamalan‏: This is released only to Win in RK Nagar..Complete Non sense by TTV .. This is why Politics is dirty Place to be in.. Is this the way you treat AMMA..#Jayalalithaa

Asuran‏: Rip those who ridiculed when a senior politician and an ex cm of a state raised his doubts and real concern about the mystery on the treatment of his colleague and the CM of the state ! #jayalalithaa

Karthik‏: Releasing #Amma hospital video now makes no sense and it's not a master stroke it's a blunder mistake by #TTVDhinakaran camp, they would have done this much earlier when the whole state praying for some sort of proof of our beloved leaders hospitalisation. #Jayalalithaa

Arun Veda‏: I appreciate #TTVDhinakaran ingenuity. What a solicitous vetrivel. How concerned he is about #Jayalalithaa Why such epiphany about her death from TTV side? This clearly shows pompous behavior and also ttv resurgence can't be stopped now.#RKnagarByElection

Vijay Vignesh: If only RKNagar people have some brains TTV should not get any votes! #RKnagarByElection #jayalalithaa

Subhakeerthana: Hospital-a security camera-vey illa nu sonnengale, da? #Jayalalithaa. What a breach of privacy! Don't think she knew she was being filmed.one more low by indian politicians  ...just imagine how low they can go for votes...even playing with dignity of dead one...#Jayalalithaa

Subramanian Nambi‏: This the time for whole people gets a sad row! #Jayalalithaa video has raises questions about #ApolloDoctors Press meet! All of them were said in chorus NO VIDEOS WERE ALLOWED TO TAKE! What Now? Did they explain in Fresh Meeting?

mRawther: That Jayalalithaa video proves all conspiracy theories wrong. Spot on Salves EPS nd OPS now#Jayalalithaa

Arun Veda‏: I still remember, once DMK were released a videos of arresting kalaignar and maran by police on before election. Later DMK won the election. Now it's usual for #DMK but unusual for #ADMK #Jayalalithaa #RKnagarByElection