If there was one thing that made Bigg Boss 14 a tad bit more special was the cute romance between Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni. The two not only had a fabulous chemistry but also were a strong team together. Though in the beginning, the duo had maintained that they were "just good friends", the couple soon proclaimed their love for each other. Bhasin and Goni have been in a relationship for over three years now.

Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni
Jasmin Bhasin, Aly GoniInstagram

Jasmin and Aly were also seen discussing their family's reaction to their relationship several times inside the house. When Aly had once said that if Jasmin's family doesn't agree he would get married to someone else, the latter was left in tears. The fact that Aly entered the show to be Jasmin's support and her game improved after his arrival was a solid testimony to their bond. So all eyes were on the family week and how would families react to the two of them inside the house.

However, eyebrows were raised when Jasmin Bhasin's father entered the house but didn't meet Aly. Fans were left in shock when he didn't even take Aly's name while meeting his daughter. Aly had also been taken aback by this and questioned Jasmin too. On the other hand, Aly's sister, Ilham, seems too fond of Jasmin and keeps rooting for her on social media.

aly goni and jasmin
aly goni and jasmin

Aly was left shattered when Jasmin was evicted from the house. Though after exiting, Jasmin made it clear that she loves Aly and even said that she would like to marry him this year. Talking to TOI Jasmin said, "I have fallen in love and it's a beautiful feeling. I don't mind getting married this year, my parents are okay with it. Once Aly comes out, they will meet his parents. We need to know what his parents have to say about it. I have met them a few times, but pehle hum sirf dost thay. Once they approve our relationship, phir main wait nahi karungi, I will get married. I know Aly is the one for me."

Now, Jasmin's father has also broken his silence on the matter and has given a very different answer to the one we were expecting. Surpal Singh told TOI, "We know they are friends. But I won't comment on it further." On Jasmin's eviction, Singh said, "She will get a lot more good opportunities. This is the time for her to focus on her career."

Well, we just need to wait and watch how the relationship unfolds once Aly is out of the house.