Janatha Garage
Janatha Garage 3rd week box office collection: Jr NTR film emerges as the highest grosser of 2016. Pictured: Janatha GarageTwitter

Junior NTR and Mohanlal-starrer "Janatha Garage" has made decent business at the box office on Monday, Ganesh Chaturthi holiday, taking its five-day collection closer to Rs 150 crore mark.

Ganesh Idol Inspired by Janatha Garage | Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan celebrate Ganesh Festival

"Janatha Garage" opened to superb response and fared well over the weekend. Monday was holiday due to Ganesh Chaturthi festival and the movie was expected to do well at the ticket counters. The film kept the cash registers ringing at the the ticket counters across the country on its fifth day.

"Janatha Garage" is estimated to have collection Rs 14 crore gross at the worldwide box office on Monday, taking its five-day global total collection to Rs 129 crore gross. The movie is estimated to add Rs 7.04 crore to its total share of Rs. 59.18 crore. The film has recovered 87 percent investment of the global distributors, who have shelled out Rs 67.14 crore on its theatrical rights.

Junior NTR's "Nannaku Prematho" earned a massive share of Rs 53.20 crore in the global market in its life time and this movie was the biggest earner of the young tiger. Now, "Janatha Garage" has shattered its life time record in just five days and become the biggest earner of the actor.

Here are the day-wise shares of "Janatha Garage" in various areas of Andhra Pradesh and Telanaga. These are estimated numbers and they may vary from the actual number released by the makers.

Area Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Total
Nizam Rs. 5.51 cr Rs. 2.15 cr Rs. 1.84 cr Rs. 2.10 cr Rs. 1.84 cr Rs. 13.44 cr
Ceeded Rs. 3.55 cr Rs. 1.08 cr Rs. 0.75 cr Rs. 1.08 cr Rs. 1.10 cr Rs. 7.56 cr
Vizag Rs. 2.30 cr Rs. 0.70 cr Rs. 0.55 cr Rs. 0.55 cr Rs. 0.63 cr Rs. 4.73 cr
G East Rs. 2.28 cr Rs. 0.30 cr Rs. 0.27 cr Rs. 0.27 cr Rs. 0.44 cr Rs. 3.56 cr
G West Rs. 1.84 cr Rs. 0.31 cr Rs. 0.24 cr Rs. 0.28 cr Rs. 0.38 cr Rs. 3.05 cr
Krishna Rs. 1.54 cr Rs. 0.39 cr Rs. 0.32 cr Rs. 0.48 cr Rs. 0.54 cr  Rs. 3.27 cr
Guntur Rs. 2.58 cr Rs. 0.40 cr Rs. 0.35 cr Rs. 0.51 cr Rs. 0.53 cr  Rs. 4.37 cr
Nellore Rs. 0.89 cr Rs. 0.15 cr Rs. 0.13 cr Rs. 0.16 cr Rs. 0.16 cr Rs. 1.50 cr
AP/T total Rs. 20.49 cr Rs. 5.48 cr Rs. 4.45 cr Rs. 5.43 cr Rs. 5.62 cr Rs. 41.47 cr
Karnataka Rs. 3.25 cr NA NA NA  NA Rs. 5.95 cr
Kerala Rs. 0.48 cr NA NA NA  NA Rs. 1.75 cr
Rest of India NA NA NA NA  NA Rs. 1.95 cr
US Rs. 2.95 cr NA NA NA  NA Rs. 6.36 cr
Rest of world NA NA NA NA  NA Rs. 1.70 cr
Global Total Rs. 28.57 cr NA NA NA  NA Rs. 59.18 cr