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Director KS Ravikumar's Jai Simha witnessed steep decline in its decent collection at the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (AP/T) box office on the second day and failed to cross Rs 15 crore mark.

Jai Simha had generated a lot of buzz in the media for some good reasons before its release on January 12. The distributors had made grand plans for its release in a bid to cash in on Balayya mania. The hype surrounding it amassed a huge amount of advance booking for its opening day.

After seeing its hype, screen count and advance booking, the trade analysts predicted that Jai Simha would start with a bang and beat the record of Paisa Vasool to become the second biggest opener for Balakrishna after Gautamiputra Satakarni.

As predicted, the Balakrishna-starrer opened to fantastic response with its average occupancy ranging between 70 and 80 percent in the morning shows on Friday. A good word of mouth boosted its collection in the later shows in the Telugu states on its opening day.

Jai Simha collected approximately Rs 9.85 crore gross at the AP/T box office on the first day. But the film has failed to beat the record of Balakrishna's last outings Paisa Vasool and Legend, which grossed Rs 11.40 crore and Rs 10.75 crore gross, respectively in the Telugu states on its opening day.

The KS Ravikumar-directed movie revieved mixed word of mouth, which took a toll on its collection Saturday. Having witnessed around 65 percent drop, Jai Simha has collected Rs 3.45 crore gross at the AP/T box office on its second day taking its total collection to Rs 13.30 crore gross.

Jai Simha earned Rs 9.11 crore for its distributors in two days. Its AP and Telangana distributors have shelled out Rs 23.50 crore for theatrical rights and the film recovered 38.75 percent of their investments .

Here is the table detailing the day-wise eanings of Jai Simha in various areas of the Telugu states. These are estimated numbers and they may vary from actual ones. All the figures are in Rs and crore.

Rights Day 1 Day 2 Total
Nizam 1.05 0.74 1.79
Ceded 1.40 0.85 2.25
Vizag 0.72 0.10 0.82
G East 0.85 0.15 1.00
G West 0.81 0.09 0.90
Krishna 0.46 0.15 0.61
Guntur 1.10 0.18 1.28
Nelore 0.36 0.10 0.46
AP/T Total 6.75 2.36 9.11

Here are the area-wise earnings of Lion, Dictator, Legend, Gautamiputra Satakarni (GPSK), Paisa Vasool (PV) and Jai Simha (JS) on their first day. All the figures are in Rs and crore.

Rights Lion Dictator JS Legend PV GPSK
Nizam 1.48 1.13 1.05 1.71 1.60 1.88
Ceded 1.22 1.30 1.40 1.72 1.75 2.07
Vizag 0.49 0.54 0.72 0.51 0.79 0.88
G East 0.42 0.55 0.85 0.40 0.70 0.78
G West 0.43 0.49 0.81 0.44 0.48 1.34
Krishna 0.45 0.32 0.46 0.42 0.53 0.80
Guntur 0.68 1.06 1.10 1.25 1.54 1.64
Nelore 0.33 0.40 0.36 0.45 0.38 0.43
AP/T Total 5.50 5.79 6.75 6.90 7.77 9.82