Actor Jaggesh has taken a decision to cut off ties with his colleagues in the film industry after the fans of Darshan confronted him in Mysore demanding him to apologise to the Challenging Star for his recent comments against him.

Jaggesh and Darshan
Jaggesh's Reaction to Darshan's Controversy.Twitter

Navarasa Nayaka has announced that he would not be sending birthday wishes to his friends in the film industry nor will attend any film-related events. The actor has said that his focus will be on his work.

The pained actor said that attempts are being made to discredit elders' contribution in the star-driven industry. He has also shared a screenshot of a disrespectful news ticker from a TV channel.

Not a Coward
Sharing a video on Periscope, the Banda Nanna Ganda actor slammed the words used against him in an article written by a leading Kannada daily. Jaggesh has said that he is not a coward and faced the fans of Darshan to explain his point. "People have made me what I am today. No actor nor newspaper can take away my contribution to the film industry. And please don't encourage such trends which is a threat to the growth of the film industry," Navarasa Nayaka claimed.

"These stars were not born when I entered the film industry. I came to films in the 80s and learnt art and life lessons by watching the likes of Dr Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan, Ambareesh, Prabhakar, Shankar Nag and Ananth Nag," the Tarle Nan Maga star added.

How it all Started?
An alleged video of Jaggesh making lose comments against Darshan was leaked online recently. The actor had denied making such remarks after the controversy broke out. However, the issue took a shocking turn when angry Darshan fans went to the sets of his upcoming movie Totapuri and confronted him.

BJP leader Jaggesh
BJP leader JaggeshTwitter

Jaggesh tried to convince them that he had not made any such comments while stating that the remarks were made against another person whose name is also Darshan.

This is the second such controversy that Jaggesh has landed in recent times. A few months ago, the actor's comment on pan-India had rubbed the fans of Yash the wrong way. The fans of KGF star has slammed him and forced him to withdraw his comments.