Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith is alive and doing fine. Pictured: Jaden Smith attends the world premiere of Reuters

American actor and rapper Jaden Smith, son of the actor Will Smith, became the latest victim of celebrity death hoax on social media. Reports were doing the rounds that the 18-year-old had committed suicide, but the reports are false and the rapper is not dead.

Social media was abuzz with news that Jaden has hanged himself, before which he was said to have left a goodbye message on his phone. The Facebook post with "viral video" tag read: "Jaden Smith Son of Will Smith Says Goodbye With His Cellphone Before Suicide by Hanging…" But the reports are not true as the actor is alive and the Facebook post is nothing but a scam.

The Facebook post asks readers for a certain app permission before allowing you to watch the viral video, but the site is full of virus and once the reader clicks on the link they are directed to "virus warning" page.

Jaden's fake suicide reports surfaced online weeks after fans of American actor Jack Black were shocked by rumours of the "School of Rock" actor's demise. Black's death hoax circulated after Tenacious D's account was hacked. The Twitter handle posted a message "I'm sad to officially announce the death of Jack Black at the age of 46, rest in peace brother," which left Black's fans in shock. However, soon Tenacious D's Twitter handle posted another tweet saying that it was just a prank and the actor is alive. "Calm down guys! It's just a prank bro, look there's the camera," the tweet read.

Meanwhile, Jaden is alive and doing fine and currently the rapper is busy promoting the Netflix series "The Get Down," which premiered at the at the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday night.