Friends stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow and all set to join Ben Stiller and Adam Scott in an escape room for an NBC special. According to Hollywood Reporter, the four of them will participate in the stunt, which is meant to be part of the network's annual Red Nose Day fundraiser. The Red Nose Day fundraiser, which kicks off on May 21, will then be followed by a two-hour variety special/telethon that will help raise money for childhood poverty.

For those caught unaware, Ben and Jack are also the executive producers of Celebrity Escape Room, which will feature the gamemaster trapping the celebs in an escape room. The four of them - Courteney, Lisa, Ben and Adam - have to then decipher clues and solve puzzles before they find out their way before the time runs out. They can ask the gamemaster for clues if they get stuck somewhere but each room that the four of them complete successfully will raise money for Red Nose Day.

"Kicking off with Ben Stiller's hilarious Celebrity Escape Room, NBC's Red Nose Day lineup is the perfect vehicle to help drive this year's fundraising efforts," NBC Entertainment chairman Paul Telegdy said in a statement, adding, "We are privileged to continue our support of this incredible cause in partnership with our amazing friends at Comic Relief US as we work together on behalf of children in need around the world."

Friends TV show reunion
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Comic Relief US CEO Allison Moore further stated, "Through the power of laughter and entertainment, Red Nose Day serves as a galvanizing force, rallying Americans to come together to end child poverty. Together with our incredible partners and celebrity supporters, we are working to change the story for good for millions of children in the U.S. and around the world."

A mini-reunion for Lisa and Courteney

The team of classic sitcom Friends is all set to reunite for an HBO Max special but this Celebrity Escape Room will also serve as a mini-Friends reunion for the ladies.