The lockdown, where the view of the outside world is limited, is the ideal situation for speculation and rumours to arise. The rumours even if baseless are quickly making their way around social media. The latest is about Vicky Kaushal breaking lockdown rules to visit Katrina Kaif and getting pulled up by the cops for it.

The actor addressed these rumours on Twitter asking everybody to disregard them, as they were false. He added that he has been indoors the entire time since the lockdown began and the rumours were baseless. 

Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal dismisses rumours on flouting lockdown rules

The lockdown due to Coronavirus has complicated everybody's life. Now a big concern is whether Bollywood celebrities are following the lockdown, leading to numerous rumours about what they are and aren't doing during this time. A new rumour that plagued social media was about actor Vicky Kaushal visiting his rumoured girlfriend Katrina Kaif's apartment and being caught by the Police in the process.

As the rumours began to spread like wildfire, the actor was forced to address it before matters became uncontrollable. The actor dismissed the rumours in a tweet yesterday, asking everybody to ignore them and that the rumours weren't true, "There are baseless rumours suggesting that I broke the lockdown and got pulled up by the cops. I've not stepped out of my house since the lockdown started. I request people not to heed the rumours. @MumbaiPolice" He tagged the Mumbai Police in his tweet just to clear the air.

We've been seeing Vicky clean fans and cook, so the rumours then do seem completely baseless. While the Police tries to reprimand the real culprits, rumours like these can be extremely distracting from the real issue at hand.