Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

 Anger towards hospitals both private and government hospitals has been plenty in Karnataka. The stress on healthcare infrastructure in the state is mounting. While, COVID-19 is the primary issue at hand, there are still other medical problems that need treatment as well. 

The emotional and angry family of a heart patient who passed away at Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences in Bengaluru took matters into their own hands. They vandalised the hospital's ICU ward causing damage to property on Sunday.

Police take stalk of the situation at the hospital

On Sunday a 55-year-old patient at the Jayadeva hospital, Bengaluru passed away following a cardiac arrest. This caused tensions to rise between family members of deceased Pasha and the hospital. The patient was admitted several times recently due to chest pain. He was admitted again on Sunday evening. 

The police officer told the media that he hadn't responded well to treatment, however, the family blamed the hospital staff for 'negligence'. The family also alleged delayed patient admission as another factor. 40 people then entered the hospital vandalising property, pelting stones at the windows and misbehaving with hospital staff.

The Tilak Nagar police were alerted and called to the spot, after which the crowd began overturning police barricades, videos of which were circulating online. A watchman who tried to stop them was injured in the process as well.

Vandalism at Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

The hospital has demanded action against those involved. Videos on Twitter also show the aftermath in the hospital of broken furniture. Director of the hospital CN Manjunath told Deccan Herald, "We are a hospital that follows the policy of treatment first and payment next. Many respect this place as a temple. Vandalism can't happen in such a place."

It is still not known what exactly provoked the family to this extent, further details on what action will be taken are still awaited.