The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world, and everybody is coping with the pandemic under lockdown, including all the celebrities. Social media has become the primary medium for communication and interaction.

Viral comedian Nazma Aapi is popularly known for her observations and sarcasm. The social media star posted a new Twitter video, this time featuring Ananya Panday. The comedian asks the actress a couple of questions and the replies are hilarious.

Ananya Panday and Saloni Gaur
@ananyapanday, @salonayy on Instagram

Ananya Panday's interview with Nazma Aapi

With the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown stressing everyone out, a bit of humour wouldn't hurt. Saloni Gaur better known as Nazma Aapi is an internet sensation who makes comedic videos on Twitter. The comedian often imitates and even pokes fun at celebrities.

Recently her video in which she imitated Sonam Kapoor went viral and caught the attention of the actress herself who found it extremely funny. Now, Nazma Aapi came for Ananya Panday, in which she is interviewing the young Bollywood celebrity. The interview is through clips from one of the actress' other interviews. But, the answers surprisingly make a good fit to the questions Saloni Gaur has for her.

Nazma starts by asking, "After your bad acting in Student of the Year 2, what was Chunkyji's reaction?" Ananya's reply is, "He was like, I can't believe you're my daughter." Nazma asks Ananya to rate her acting skills, and her reply is, "Minus 100." When Nazma asks for pro-tips on what it takes to land a film with Karan Johar, Ananya answers "Friendship." Ananya lets us know she got the film through 'Luck by Chance'.

After expressing her views on what is needed to be a good actor, like a good voice and rating Housefull 4, Nazma Aapi asks, "Coronavirus is spreading, so what do you think it is?" Ananya answers without skipping a beat, "That's also a good thing, but it's also bad." When Nazma says that it's bad because people are sick and dying, the actress replies, "My family will be safe right?" Nazma ends with a little bit of advice that of course, they'll be safe if they stay at home. 

This is the first episode in Nazma's Honest Video Calls series. Fans are hoping Nazma will continue it with other actors as well. It's hard to imagine that an interview like this would take place, but it definitely makes you laugh.