Freedom park
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Amidst layoffs and slowdown in the IT sector, the employees union in Bengaluru has planned a protest march at Freedom Park on August 5. As many as 5,000 techies are expected to take part in the march.

The president of Information Technology employees union told TOI the idea of techies on the top of the social hierarchy is turning into a myth with companies 'quietly sacking' people.

The protest is meant to draw attention towards the problems faced by IT employees.

"Company higher-ups have conveniently shifted the onus of layoffs on re-skilling and automation. That's not the case," Swamy said and added the protest was an attempt to debunk the myths circulated by IT companies.

The march will bring to fore the issues ranging from transportation to work place discrimination including layoffs, said a report.

Dependency on market-driven technology with minimum steps towards innovation has turned out to be a costly deal for the IT sector, rues Swamy. Now that the market is slowing, the employees are blamed for their lack of efforts, he added.

Syed Muqeem, president of All India Information Technology Employee Association, said IT industry leaders playing ostrich is not going to improve the situation.