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The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) shared a list of ambulances and tempo travellers functioning in Bengaluru currently on Monday. The 71 ambulances and 179 tempo travellers have been divided zone-wise across Bengaluru.

As Bengaluru faces a COVID-19 crisis with reports of ambulances not showing up on time and access to ambulances being limited, the distribution helps citizens stay aware. However, the question to be asked, will it be enough for a city as large as Bengaluru?

71 ambulances for all of Bengaluru 

Cases have been on the rise over the past few weeks which has brought with it infrastructural issues. Moreover, complaints have been emerging over the course of the past few days about delay in medical attention and not being able to get hospital beds and ambulances on time. 

While authorities are putting out information on availability, there seems to be a lag in what is reaching the patients. As Karnataka's healthcare system is overwhelmed by the surge in cases despite denials from authorities, and hospitals refuse admissions to patients, BBMP put out a list on ambulances and tempo travellers that are allotted to different parts of the city.

BH Anil Kumar, BBMP Commissioner shared a list of 71 ambulances distributed zone-wise in the Bengaluru and 179 tempo travellers respectively as on 6th July. He added that more vehicles will be added to the list in a week. However, the exact figure of how many vehicles will be added is not yet known.

Sl. No.  Zone Ambulance Tempo Traveller Total Numbers
1. East 6 33 39
2. West 10 54 64
3. South 20 47 67
4. Rajarajeshwari Nagara 10 10 20
5. Dasarahalli 5 7 12
6. Yalahanka 9 6 15
7. Mahadevapura 5 11 16
8. Bommanahalli 6 11 17
  Total 71 179 250
BBMP list of ambulances
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While the transparency of BBMP is being appreciated, netizens and citizen groups are asking if 71 ambulances are nearly enough for a city the size of Bengaluru. Now with the rapid rise in cases taking the city past the 10,500-mark, there is a need for better infrastructure. CM BS Yediyurappa had said on 6th July that 450 ambulances have been organised, however, the list shared by BBMP doesn't reflect it. As more videos and news of victims of COVID-19 who are not being treated on time as well as hospitals refusing to admit patients has emerged, citizens have demanded serious action on part of the government.