Tamil TV actor Jayashree Rao with her husband Isvar Raghunathan
Isvar Raghunathan hits out at his estranged wife Jayashree Rao.Isvar Raghunathan/Jayashree Rao Facebook Pages

Isvar Raghunathan has denied all the allegations made by his estranged wife Jayashree Rao after getting released on bail on Wednesday, 4 December. He has admitted that their relationship had strained and wanted to part ways mutually, but her gesture to file complaint and sent him to jail shocked him.

Living Separately
Speaking at the press conference, Isvar Raghunathan said that they had issues in their relationship and living separately at home since July, but the actor denied the charges of him assaulting her. He requested media to not involve their daughter in the issue.

Isvar Raghunathan said that although he is not his daughter's biological father, he is fond of her and she reciprocates the same feeling for him.

The actor admits to have taken a few lakh rupees from his wife, but definitely not Rs 30 lakh as mentioned by her in the interviews. Isvar Raghunathan says that the current residence that they are staying together was a gifted by his father to them.

Affair with Mahalakshmi
Isvar Raghunathan denied an affair with Mahalakshmi and says that her husband and his estranged wife might have come together to corner them. The actor says he has proofs of them (Mahalakshmi's hubby and Jayashree Rao) having a party together during last Diwali.

The Tamil TV actor says that he and Mahalakshmi are working together in a serial. They had performed earlier together at Natchathira Vizha in Malaysia.

However, Isvar Raghunathan has pointed out that they have not filed for divorce. He further claims that she has set her eyes on his parents' properties and cars, while accusing of doing the same with her first marriage.

He alleges a few friends of misguiding her, thereby aggravating their marital issue.