The Islamic State (Isis) released a video on 10 August showing the brutal execution of 10 men in Afghanistan for 'apostasy.' The terror group, now in a statement, has said that it blew up the men to punish them for planning a 'drone' attack along with the US on Isis targets.

The 10 victims executed in the video were from three different tribes from Nangarhar. A few elders of the tribes were also among those executed, Isis has said in a release.

In the Isis execution video, the Afghan men can be seen being forced to kneel down on landmines that blew them away. 

Following the release of the video, Isis faced severe criticism from several quarters, including the Taliban, which called Isis 'ignorant and irresponsible.' Isis has now justified its action.

The Sunni terror group. in a statement released on social media. has claimed that the men were punished for planning 'drone attacks' against the Isis.

The Isis said that members of three tribes met with Taliban and Afghan officials and planned to expel Isis from Afghanistan's Mamand area. The statement, which has been widely shared among Isis supporters on social media, claims that the tribal groups agreed to take the help of US drones during the attack on Mamand.

Isis won the battle and took the tribe members captives. 

In recent months, Isis has been gaining ground in Afghanistan, where several Taliban members have joined forces with the Sunni group.