Time and again, Pakistan's efforts to spy on India have been rendered useless by the country's intelligence. In a renewed effort to monitor India's military operations, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had picked a local to spy at their behest. Once again, India's military intelligence caught the ISI spy and exposed Pakistan's malicious designs.

A joint operation by Army's Southern Command Military Intelligence (MI), Bengaluru and the City Crime Branch led to the arrest of a 24-year-old garment seller for allegedly spying for PAK's ISI. The accused, identified as Jitender Singh, was apprehended from Bengaluru's Jolly Mohalla in Cottonpet. He is a resident of Farmer, Rajasthan, the police revealed.

Soldiers of the Indian Army

ISI links established

According to the police officials, Singh was in contact with officials of PAK's ISI over WhatsApp. He used to send messages, make audio and even video calls with an unidentified officer. In what is seen as a case of national espionage, the accused even shared photos and details of the Army area and carried out reconnaissance of Army posts near the international border.

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The police recovered an army captain's uniform from Singh, which he used to impersonate an Army officer to move about army installations undetected. According to the reports, the photos of Barmer military station and all military vehicle movements were shared with the ISI officer.

This is not an isolated incident as three individuals from Rajasthan have been arrested for spying based on evidence from the military intelligence.