hurricane Isaias
Netizens flood social media with jokes and memes as the storm landed near North Carolina.

Category 1 storm Hurricane Isaias landed near Ocean Isle Beach on Monday (August 3) night, with maximum sustained winds of about 136.8 kmph, according to the National Hurricane Centre.

Meanwhile, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said, "This storm will bring dangerous weather conditions to much of our state overnight — heavy rains, flash floods."

The Category 1 storm is expected to rip up the East Coast today, bringing with it as much as 6 inches of rain, flooding, power outages and damaging winds.

National Hurricane Centre took to Twitter to update about Hurricane Isaias. It also asked netizens to visit to get all the latest information about Hurricane Isaias.

"Hurricane Isaias has made landfall in southern North Carolina near Ocean Isle Beach around 1110 PM EDT with maximum sustained winds of 85 mph," their tweet read.

If a Tornado Warning is issued for your area, seek shelter right away...

Tornado Warning
If a Tornado Warning is issued for your area, seek shelter right away.

As storm lands near North Carolina, here's what netizens said:

A Twitterati, who goes by the name Cone, said, "My phone going off with a tornado warning at 4:25 in the morning."

hurricane Isaias
hurricane issaic

Another one said, "It's 4am, Tropical storm warning, tornado warning, flood warning. This year sucks. I won't be sleeping. Weary faceEast coast mutuals, be safe."

Someone said, "i hate virginia im just trying to sleep and we've got a new tornado warning every 20 minutes bye."

Another Twitter user said, "there's a tornado warning rn. god take me."


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency for the entire state. Warnings stretch from North and South Carolina to Maine.

Reportedly, two people were killed over the weekend in the Dominican Republic as the storm passed through the Caribbean.