As the power battle within the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) rages on, an associate Executive Council member of India's National Olympic Council asked the members for "introspection."

Bholanath Singh, in a letter marked to all members of the IOA, said that Secretary General Rajiv Mehta, Treasurer Anandeshwar Pandey and Vice President Sudhanshu Mittal are "accusing the President of IOA, Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra, on various irrelevant issues and use derogatory language".

IOA chief Narinder Batra

Bholanath Singh makes allegations against IOA trio

Singh, a close associate of Batra, has made a series of allegations against the trio in recent days and went on to recount the allegations in the letter.

"Respected Sir, it may be noted that today the sports sector is at a churning point/stage where we need to take a call on whether to allow these intentional disruptions to the extent of maligning the image of IOA.

"It may be noted that even the financial statements for the year 2019-2020, on account of financial issues, are yet to be signed by the President. These financial statements are required to be submitted to various statutorily authorities," he said.

Narinder Batra
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"The vendetta of the vested interest in this sector particularly at a stage where we require to move ahead in a cohesive manner to establish as world leader, is not only unethical but also unprofessional.

"Allowing the connivance in the name of dissent at this crossroad will, of course, send a negative message to the international community and may damage the credential and create embarrassment and disrepute. Today's causal and negative approach of the disgruntled elements of sports fraternity is bound to nullify the efforts and hardwork of the various stakeholders in the sector and we will be destined to move towards a precarious position for the future generation," he added.