A disturbing incident of an inter-caste couple being attacked by relatives of the husband belonging to an upper caste was reported from Rona Taluk of Gadag district in north Karnataka.

The incident happened on July 8 at Asuti village. The woman named Sivavva Basavva Talawar (48), belonging to the Valmiki community which is a scheduled caste, married Iranagouda Basanagouda Kulakarni, an upper-caste man, as many as 28 years ago. The couple had a son named Hanumanthagouda.

Indian couple getting married

Iranagouda inherited 5 acres of agricultural land from his father. His brother Basanagouda Sanganagouda Kulakarni, who was forcing Iranagouda to give away this property to him, barged into their house on Thursday and allegedly urinated inside the house. When they objected, he maintained that since they belong to a lower caste, he could urinate anywhere in their house.

Attacked with axes

When Iranagouda and his son Hanumanthagouda tried to stop him, he was joined by 4 others and the entire family was attacked with axes. They were admitted to a nearby government hospital on Thursday and were discharged on Friday. They filed an FIR with the police regarding the incident later in the evening.

The complaint said that the accused continuously harassed the family and always humiliated as they belonged to a lower caste. During the scuffle, the accused tried to pull the saree of Shivavva and also tried to set the house on fire. Rona police are investigating.

(With inputs from IANS)