On Monday evening, many people discovered their Instagram accounts have been locked/suspended. Some of them have also reported that they are losing out on followers. Users flocked to Twitter to report the Instagram glitch. The issue, however, is proving to be a technical problem, not a mass banning of accounts.

instagram down

Instagram is down again: This is what the company has to say

Downdetector shows that the global outage has reported issues with the app. Instagram users started facing trouble today when they could not get online and got a message on the app showing that their account had been suspended. The users shared screenshots with the notification message, creating a buzz on the micro-blogging platform- Twitter. Later, @InstagramComms tweeted that there has been a technical problem.

"We're aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account. We're looking into it and apologize for the inconvenience. #instagramdown", tweeted Instagramcomma.

instagram down

Users outraged over a recent bug on Instagram

Users have been reporting the issue on Twitter and other micro-blogging sites. A user wrote, "This is what my account looks like currently. You need a live customer support department. I had a previous account suspended and disabled. After reading community guides lines I found no fault on my part. This is a serious issue @instagram @InstagramComms I want my accounts back."

Another user said, "@instagram what is going on? My account literally got suspended for no reason I did not violate any community guidelines, and when I try to verify the code it's just giving me a loading error. Is anybody else having this problem? #Instagram #instagramdown."

As per Instagram DownDectector users in several metro cities of India are facing the issue

global outrage map
global outrage map
global outrage

 How did it start?

The issue started when Instagram didn't allow the users to log in and the system automatically declined the request, suspending the account immediately. Some people seem to be losing followers as well.

Memefest begins on Twitter after users flock to Twitter to complain 

Not everyone is having trouble accessing their account

Not all users have been witnessing account suspension. Some are still able to access their accounts, send/receive DMs and even upload status and posts on the platform.

For some users, the issue has been resolved

issue has been resloved for some

Meta-owned WhatsApp faced a similar issue last week

Last week, Meta-owned WhatsApp also faced similar concerns, where users were unable to use the platform.