Arya, Anushka Shetty and Sonal Chauhan starrer "Inji Iduppazhagi" ("Inji Idupazhagi"), which is simultaneously made in Telugu as "Size Zero", has opened to mixed reviews. 

'Inji Iduppazhagi' Official Review

Obesity among the youths is quite common these days and the story of "Inji Iduppazhagi" revolves around an overweight woman, played by Anushka, struggling to find a suitable partner. The film also highlights the issues faced by fat girls to get married.

Arya plays the role of a documentary filmmaker, who looks charming in his limited role. After falling in love with him, she realises that he is seeing a slim girl played by Sonal Chauhan. The remaining part is what she does to win his heart.

Anushka has proved again her acting prowess. Her dedication to put on weight and shed for the same role has to be highly appreciated. Arya and Urvashi impress the audience. Prakash Raj will be seen in an important role in "Inji Iduppazhagi".

Coming to the story part, the first half is pretty decent and has its moments. But the second half is a big let down. In the end, it has turned out to be a disappointing outing to some extent as the story fails to hold the audience's attention.

Average Rating Given by Audience: 2.5

Audience Reviews:
Tamil audience are not really happy with the overall content. Some even have pointed that the subject has not been sensitively handled at parts. Below, read their reviews:

Kaushik LM wrote
My #Injiiduppazhagi review - 2.5 / 5
Handsome #Arya plays his real-life fit self. No performance scope
All the star cameos pass by in a flash like ads without making any impact
2nd half and needless songs add to the viewing ordeal after a decent 1st half
Msgs on healthy fitness & accepting yourself the way you are, but bad execution
#Anushka's dedicated efforts wasted by bad treatment of the subject matter.
#Injiiduppazhagi - A few good moments & #Anushka charming us totally. But 2nd half is a big downer. Expected much better from the film

Rakesh wrote
#Injiiduppazhagi - Loved Oorvashi's character, as always she rocked. #Anushka gets 5/5 for her acting n efforts she took for a film.
Done with #Injiiduppazhagi . Its #Anushka all the way. She had performed really well. But the film dragged in the 2nd half n became preachy
Just saw #Gethutrailer . Looks good n something diff this time from @Udhaystalin n 1st time he is on his own without #Santhanam. Cant wait..
Now watching #injiidupazhagi

Dinesh wrote
Halfway through #InjiIduppazhagi, feels so dry and dull. Anushka is okay, Arya looks fit and handsome, the other heroine sooper.
#InjiIduppazhagi- Dull, snail-paced romantic comedy. May emotionally attract ppl suffering from obesity and inferiority complex. Below avg.

VJ Abishek tweeted
#Anushka became an actress because she went to teach yoga. Irony of life. This lady will go a long way. #Injiiduppazhagi

Sreedhar Pillai posted
#Injiiduppazhagi 2.75/5 A feel good light hearted romcom with a neat message about fitness industry. #Anushka carries show & is terrific
#Injiiduppazhagi 2.75/5 #NiravShah's camera & DI fab. Arya is aptly cast as the handsome dude. #Urvasi is a scream. Show belongs 2 #Anushka
#InjiIduppazhagi 2.75/5. Downside - lacks Tamil nativity and looks more like a dubbed film. Supporting cast does not fit into the milieu.

Sidhu tweeted
#InjiIduppazhagi: Big bright bother. Though it gets the message across, it doesn't work as an entertainer. Watchable, only for Anushka!

Samraat07 tweeted
#Injiiduppazhagi is Ok! Anushka's efforts has to appreciated!
And it's totally a telugu film! Only a few of them speaks in tamil!#anushka :)

Rathnavel Ponnuswami wrote
#Injiiduppazhagi-A size sexy plot screwed by size zero subtlety-Anushka throws her weight behind the movie-All Stars Cameo was cool-82/100

Gautham posted
Watched #Injiiduppazhagi yesterday at #AravindTheatre, karapakkam. Movie lacked originality, intensity,poor flow. Only positive- #Anushka

Mohamed Ashraf Khan® tweeted
#Injiiduppazhagi 6.5/10.
Good story, could have played deeper with the emotions. Message was sent out well.
#Injiiduppazhagi dubbing could have been better in certain parts of the film. Anushka

Ganesh Mukundan wrote
#Injiiduppazhagi probably one of the worst films in recent times.. Poor screenplay, even worse dialogues, dismal acting. What an ordeal! 1/5

Nish posted
Refreshing & v diff yet relatable! Loved it! A must see! Massive applause to #AnushkaShetty for her efforts #Injiiduppazhagi #SizeZero

Prashanth wrote
#Injiiduppazhagi - wish the team went an extra mile and focused on things like dubbing. Could have been a way better product.
#Injiiduppazhagi - kudos to anuskha for doing such a bold role. Will be an inspiration for many oversized women.
#Injiiduppazhagi - clean commercial movie with a neat message about fitness. Will definitely become a hit at the box office.
#Injiiduppazhagi interval - clean and engaging. Anuskha is the driving force. Wish some portions aren't dubbed.

Siva M wrote
#injiiduppazhagi Review5:High time 4 Arya to select acting oriented script. Over all, woman's can watch 1 time. Rating:2.25/5

Venkat Praveen tweeted
#InjiIduppazhagi is a feel good family n comedy oriented film which throws nice message to obese people.Nice script n everybody must watch.

Haricharan Pudipeddi wrote
Showtime #Injiiduppazhagi with @MadrasBachelor
Things that get great mileage out of #Injiiduppazhagi are the Clean India campaign, a weighing machine and jilebi.
Sitting through #Injiiduppazhagi is as tough as those 100 crunches you always avoided because you're too lazy.
#Injiiduppazhagi delivers exactly the opposite of what the makers promised. Treats weight struggles with absolutely no sensitivity contd..
Dei, chocolate waffer stick is not fortune cookie #Injiiduppazhagi #SizeZero

Fab Flickz tweeted
#InjiIduppazhagi is a well drafted script. Beauty can't be measured with an inch tape is the underlying message - #Anusha

SrinvasReddy posted
Good Story Bad Execution.... First Half Bore Second Half Ok Ok...
#SizeZero #Injiiduppazhagi