Rinki Pamnani

Are you trying your luck in influencer marketing? No doubt it's the most buzzing industry these days, and there's a huge amount of competition out there-more than you might realize. Rinki Pamnani has a few tips on how to win this cutthroat game.

There are ways you can get your content noticed by breaking through your social media competition, and Rinki talks about the same. She says, "Nurturing a strong community of followers and fans is crucial if you want to play the game well. Apart from posting regular content and interacting with your followers, you should keep in mind a few other important things as well. For example, being authentic and creating the most relatable content."

"Stick to your niche, target your brands by tagging them in your posts and stories, share details with people, and maintain the continuity. The rules are very simple, but being unique is the key to winning this social media battle, she further added.

Speaking of her journey to this peak, she says, "The social media game in Dubai was pretty solid and I felt pressured but excited at the same time to take my place within the already-existing beauty and fashion influencer industry. This was a new challenge for me, and I absolutely loved every day of it. Since I already had a regular audience on my socials, it became like a family that I wanted to check in with every day."

She plays her social media game well. She posts regularly and keeps her fans entertained. The influencer has a love for content creation, so much so that she even took off from acting to pursue her future through content creation.

Her work profile includes her collaborations with brands like Swarovski, Damas, Tresemme, OPPO, Visit Dubai, Zara, NARS, H&M, Dior, and Miss Guided to just name a few. She moved to Dubai in 2017 to be a full-time content creator and is doing wonders with her style and beauty posts.