Influencer and entrepreneur Prasad Nagarkar underlines the primacy of trips and treks to maintain a work-life balance

We all have been into a complete swindle to manage our personal and professional lives rightly. Only when people started to find the balance between both their lives, Work from home slid in.

Prasad Nagarkar is a lifestyle influencer who believes that hustle always needs to be accompanied by relaxation. He is an inspiration to live boundless life. He is also the owner of SS Nagarkar Jewellers and has prominent entrepreneurship skills.

He has been in the digital space for years and remained constant and unique on his Instagram page. The influencer is also a fitness freak and a traveller. He often goes trekking and enjoys excursions to unexplored places.

He believes that taking vacations and enjoying the calmness of nature is a way to maintain a work-life balance. To not cause business burnout, one must take a seat in some new and unexplored places.

"I enjoy trekking. As I take an exit from my tedious scheduled life, I feel refreshed when I sink around the lush green grasses and stand under the endless blue sky. It keeps me sane for the coming week and pumps my enthusiasm at work too," he said.

As we come across numerous articles and interviews based on work-life management, we usually encounter the importance of taking small breaks and vacations to have a healthy mind.

His Instagram page is bombarded with his travel stories. The influencer always manages to take a trip down the lanes of untouched scenic views and enjoy the exquisite local food.