India's prevailing COVID-19 situation has garnered global attention. From record-high cases to reports of shortage of hospital beds, ICU, oxygen, and drugs to overwhelmed crematories, India is cornered into a challenging situation. The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has posed an even bigger challenge in front of the government, which has been trying to contain the spread of the virus by implementing various measures. Meanwhile, the international media has put forth its coverage on the ongoing COVID crisis in India.

From Guardian to Sky News and NYT among others, the headlines from international media on the unfolding COVID crisis in India have sounded the alarm. Reporters brought horrifying ground reality of people dying from the virus while waiting for treatment in a hospital and editorials published scathing articles, criticising the central government. Despite this chaos, there have been tales of how people stepped up to the occasion and handled some unavoidable circumstances with unity.

Maharashtra COVID deaths, cases

India's COVID crisis

Here's a look at how international media reported India's COVID crisis:

The New York Times' front-page article sent ripples across India and even the US. "India Scrambles to Supply Oxygen as Covid-19 Patients Gasp for Breath" titled article talked about the surging COVID cases and even highlighted the mass political rallies in some parts of the country.

How international media is reporting India's COVID crisis

The Guardian pointed out how the national capital was faced with the shortage of oxygen. "The Indian prime minister suffers from overconfidence in his own instincts and pooh-poohs expert advice," the British paper wrote, The report also pointed out the huge rallies in the current election season and how millions of Indians were seen taking a dip in the Ganges at Kumbh Mela in Haridwar. "Mr Modi has put the onus on state governments to clear up his mess," it adds.

How international media is reporting India's COVID crisis

The Economist tracked the second wave of the pandemic in the country and said it has brought upon "avalanche of grief", blaming PM Modi's "slowness" to respond.

How international media is reporting India's COVID crisis

Sky News also highlighted the plight of oxygen shortage in Delhi. British TV correspondent said "people are begging for oxygen," as the video coverage by the reporter showed people lying in stretchers outside hospitals.

BBC also brought similar coverage. "The frontline, the emergency room at a covid hospital, under the weight of an unfolding disaster," BBC reporters noted.