The Pakistani military stated on Tuesday that its navy prevented an Indian submarine from invading Pakistani seas last week. According to the military, the episode occurred on October 16 when an Indian submarine was sighted by a Pakistan Navy (PN) patrol aircraft.

As per the statement, the Pakistani navy "detected and prevented the Indian submarine from entering Pakistani waters on 16 October 21."


The Pakistan Navy has been keeping a close eye on the country's maritime borders throughout the current security situation, the statement read. It further claimed that this is the third instance of its sort in which a Pakistan Navy Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft has identified and tracked an Indian Naval Submarine ahead of schedule.

The army also released a short video of the alleged incident, which began circulating on social media platforms.

Pakistan flag

However, sources in the Ministry of Defence have rejected the claims made by Pakistan. As per a report in The Times of India, the GPS coordinates in the video surfacing on social media, according to Indian Navy sources, suggest that the submarine is roughly 140-150 nautical miles from Karachi, which is in international seas.

"Territorial seas stretch only 12 nautical miles from the coast," the sources added. In the video, it might be a submarine from any country. The validity of the video itself is a question mark. Pakistan has also made similar dubious assertions in the past.

Indian Navy
Indian Navy's largest exercise, Theatre Level Operational Readiness Exercise (Tropex 21), underway to test combat preparedness in the context of the current geo strategic environment (Representative Image)IANS

Pakistan caught lying, once again

Former Indian Navy Spokesperson Captain DK Sharma tweeted, "Curious to know since when have the submarines operating in international waters 200NM from Makran Coast been blocked & how? Secondly, any submarine in the Arabian Sea is not necessarily an Indian Submarine!!! @OfficialDGISPR made the same noise a few years back as well @indiannavy."


He also showed the coordinates showing that the submarine whose identity is yet to be revealed was still floating in the international waters.