Indian Navy Day is being celebrated today to commemorate the attack carried out on the Karachi harbour by Indian Navy ships during the 1971 India-Pakistan war. This day is also marked to honour the Bravehearts of the Indian Navy for their selfless service to the nation.

Navy day is observed on December 4 every year to commemorate the launch of Operation Trident against Pakistan during the 71' Indo-Pak War.

Indian Navy
Today on 4th December 2019 India is celebrating Navy DayTwitter, Indian Army

The Theme 

The theme for Indian Navy Day 2020 is "Indian Navy Combat Ready, Credible and Cohesive". India is currently grappling with COVID-19 and engaged in a standoff at the border with China. Indian Navy chief Admiral Karambir Singh on the eve of Navy Day 2020 ensured that they are ready to face challenges posed by COVID-19 and China.

Indian Navy is one of the strongest maritime forces in the world. It is the seventh strongest naval force in the world with 67,252 active and 55,000 reserve personnel in service as of June 2019. Indian Navy had 150 submarines and ships and 300 aircraft till June 2019.

During Navy Week and the days prior to that, various events take place such as an open sea swimming competition, ships are open for visitors and school children, there is a veteran sailors lunch, performances by the Naval Symphonic Orchestra take place, an Indian Navy Inter School Quiz Competition happens, a Navy Half Marathon, as well as an air display for school children and the beating retreat and tattoo ceremonies, happen.

Indian Navy
Naval Ships Jalashwa and Magar are currently enroute to port of Male, Maldives.Twitter


This year, India is celebrating the 50th anniversary of victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war. On the occasion of Indian Navy Day, the country pays homage to those Bravehearts of Navy who laid down their lives in the line of duty and those who still serve the nation selflessly. Indian Navy over the years has carried out many operations, including those for the rescue of Indian citizens. This year, Operation Samudra Setu was launched to repatriate Indian citizens from overseas by sea during the COVID-19 pandemic.


During the 1971 India-Pakistan war, Pakistan had launched an offensive on Indian airbases on the evening of December 3. In response to Pakistan's attack, the 25th Missile Vessel Squadron dispatched three missile boats - Nirghat, Veer and Nipat at maximum speed towards Karachi. These missile boats carried out attacks on Pakistani vessels before midnight of December 4.

In the operation known as Operation Trident, Indian Navy sank Pakistani Destroyer Khaiber, Minesweeper Muhafiz and MV Venus Challenger. It also destroyed Kiamari oil fields and killed hundreds of Pakistani Navy personnel. With the brave efforts of the Indian Navy, India dealt a heavy blow to Pakistan. The best part about Operation Trident is that during this, the Indian side did not suffer any damage.