The newly recruited soldiers of the Indian Army are specially trained to foil drone attacks and to counter misuse of social media by the enemy. Countering drone attacks and misuse of social media has been introduced as part of the training of recruits in the Army.

During passing out parade of 460 soldiers from Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, who joined the elite JAK LI (Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry), Lt Gen MK Das, Commandant Officers' Training Academy Chennai and Colonel of the Regiment, said on Saturday that the Army was ready to face the new challenges be it a misuse of social media or Pakistani drones.

"During this year's Army Day, a special presentation was held on new warfares especially regarding drone attacks and misuse of social media. Our army chief has taken this drone challenge in right earnest," Lt Gen Das reminded.

"Be it the challenge of cross-border drones or the threat of misuse of social media, the Army is capable of dealing with every challenge", he said.

Lt Gen Das
Defence PRO

Special orientation programmes of soldiers in their respective units

Lt Gen Das said that training of new warfares is confined not only to training centres of the Army but on grounds also.

"When these recruits reached their units, special orientation newly recruited soldiers will be held to fully trained them to face such challenges on the ground", said, adding, "they will be trained how to counter-drone."

"The Indian Army is being readied on how to face this challenge. In their units they are oriented to face all kinds of challenges, including drones," he said.

During recruitment training, he said that besides the arms handing and exercises, thrust is also given on science and technology, cybersecurity, and other new challenges.

He said the misuse of social media by anti-national elements is a reality and the recruits are being trained in cybersecurity during their basic as well as orientation courses.

Ex-terrorists serving as soldiers

Asserting that the priority of the Army is to encourage the surrender of local terrorists to allow them to live a peaceful life, Lt Gen Das said "the surrender opportunity is there. Our regiment has a special unit to bring them back into the mainstream for which 162 Infantry TA JAK LI is there. Some former terrorists, who returned to the mainstream, have become our best soldiers. I am confident that the day is not far when J&K will make rapid strides forward on the path of peace and development."

Army fully prepared to meet any challenge

Lt Gen said the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is getting better with the Army and other security agencies working together to wipe out terrorism.

He said the Indian Army is aware of the challenges and prepared to give a befitting response to the enemies of the nation.

Responding to a question about the need to introduce special training courses for soldiers in the aftermath of the developments in Afghanistan, the Army officer said "our training is very contemporary as it caters for all the contingencies and unforeseen situations."

Recruits of JAK LI
Defence PRO

460 recruits from J&K, Ladakh join Army as soldiers

A total of 460 well-trained recruits joined the army as young soldiers after a successful attestation parade at Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JAK LI) centre.

However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ceremony was conducted without the parents of the recruits following all the norms and advisors.

Recruit Peer Sartaj Ahmed Wani was awarded the Sher-e-Kashmir Sword of Honour and Triveni Singh Medal for being adjudged 'Overall Best Recruit', while recruit Amandeep Singh Chib was awarded the Chewang Rinchen Medal for being 'Best in Firing'.

Recruit Parmeet Sharma was awarded the Maqbool Sherwani Medal for being 'Best in Physical Training' and Recruit Mohd Asad was awarded the "Bana Singh Medal" for being 'Best in Drill', the spokesperson said.