In an extensive exercise, the Indian Army has set up temporary accommodation with heating facility for soldiers just behind the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh as the Army braces for a continued stand-off with China. 


The arrangements have been made to ensure the operational efficiency of troops deployed in the sector in the freezing winters.

In a review in September found that supply of potable water and shelter for the soldiers need more attention, reported The Tribune. The lodging facility with heating was available in the region before additional troop deployment in May. 

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Around 50,000 soldiers are deployed in the region amid the continued stand-off.  "Apart from the smart camps with integrated facilities which have been built over the years, a state-of-the-art habitat with integrated arrangements for electricity, water, heating facilities, health and hygiene have been created," sources in the Army said.

As reported by The Indian Express, an Army official said that adequate civil infrastructure has also been identified, adding that troops in forward areas are accommodated in heated tents as per tactical considerations of their deployment.

army tent

Many parts of Ladakh witness close to 40 feet of snowfall which starts in December, with road connectivity cut-off. The temperatures dip to minus 30-40 degrees Celsius during the chilly winters. 

India and China are engaged in a tense stand-off along the LAC since May this year. In June, 20 soldiers lost their lives in a deadly clash with personnel of People Liberation Army (PLA) of China in Galway valley.