In view of coronavirus pandemic, Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat said the Indian Armed Forces are capable of undertaking any operational task assigned to them and they understand their responsibility in the fight against COVID-19.

On speaking about the budgetary challenges, Bipin Rawat said, "Whatever budget has been given to us, we must spend it pragmatically avoiding any wasteful expenditure. We don't see any major drop in our operational preparedness" 

General Bipin Rawat
Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat.Press Information Bureau

"We've to make sure that we remain safe because if our soldiers, sailors and airmen get affected by this virus, how're we going to support our people," he added.

Covid-19 has thought us a lesson to be self-reliant

COVID19 has taught us a lesson that the time has now come to be self-reliant...In India, when we're looking at becoming a regional power, we'll have to support others and not be dependent on support. It becomes important we support,  Make in India. 

"This is a time when certain directions have been issued which we have to adhere if we want to fight the menace of COVID19. Patience and discipline will help us overcome this problem of COVID19: "

On safety of the armed forces

Quarantine facility
Indian Army sets up quarantine facilities to accommodate people

COVID-19 has affected the three services in a very limited number and the discipline and patience is what has helped us in preventing the spread of the menace The scientists & other agencies involved in medical research have come up with innovative ideas to produce medical equipment in the country in which we were so far importing to help us tide over Covid-19. This has been amazing. 

We in the defence services have been importing our weapons, equipment and ammunition from abroad. But I think if we can give this challenge to the industry, to our own research. I think we can start manufacturing our own ammunitions etc in the country. 

I am very happy to inform you that all our people have downloaded the Aarogya Setu application and should anyone get affected, we would be able to pick that up very soon. We would be able to ensure that the spread does not happen.