US Embassy in India revealed that a record 82,000 visas were granted to Indian students this year and 2022 is still not over. The embassy said that this is the highest than any country and a new record for itself.

The US embassy in New Delhi and the consulates in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad prioritised student visa processing to ensure that students were able to catch up their programmes of study in time. This made the record number of student visas in record time.

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"We issued over 82,000 student visas this summer alone, which is a record for us. This year due to Covid related problems in some other countries India is number one country for sending its students to US," Don Heflin, Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs, US Embassy in India, said in a statement.

According to 'Open Doors' report in 2021, 1.7 lakh students from India went to US in the 2020-2021 academic year. US remains the top choice for students for studying abroad as nearly 20 percent of all international students in the US are Indians.

"By the next summer, we're going to be much closer to 100 per cent staffing. So, things should even out. We think that people will get the visa appointment at the consul, nearest to their home: Heflin assured.

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The US Embassy also suggested that those who are applying for US student visa must download the EducationUSA India app, which is available freely on Android and iOS app stores. This app eliminates the need for third-party agents and offers the latest information about the college application process

"One caution that we would give people that when you talk to anyone who tries to sell you a package or fake documents or tells you to make false statements, just walk out immediately because that can get you in real trouble in your student visas: Heflin advised.