China launches destroyer
China's new type of domestically-built destroyer, a 10,000-tonne warship, is seen during its launching ceremony at the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, ChinaReuters

China launched the first 10,000-tonne Type 055 destroyer which entered the water at the Shanghai's Jiangnan Shipyard on Wednesday morning, said a release. The ship is equipped with new air defence, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons.

China has been producing warships at a rapid pace thus modernising its navy and boosting its armed forces. Reports say that the navy commissioned 18 ships, including destroyers, corvettes and guided-missile frigates in 2016. Back in April, China launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier which is not likely to come into service before 2020.

China has launched this destroyer at a time when there is a rising competition between naval powers -- United States, Japan and India. China's naval build-up is making its neighbours nervous, say reports. Further, China feels that it needs a strong navy to defend its 14,500 km coastline.

The picture displays multicoloured streamers being shot out of tubes while workers and sailors stand by the dock next to China's flag. Further, chief of the People's Liberation Army's General Armaments Department Zhang Youxia was present at the ceremony.

India shares border with China and is worried by the presence of Chinese Navy in the Indian Ocean especially when Beijing has close ties with Pakistan.