Buddhist monk
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Amidst the chaos that the world brings forward on the internet, a series of pictures featuring a deceased monk has everyone perplexed.

Onlookers in Thailand's capital Bangkok recently took to the internet to share a few pictures featuring a renowned monk from the country who died two months ago. The photos show the monk smiling as his body was taken out of a coffin by his followers two months after his death.

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The 92-year-old Luang Phor Pian was a well-known monk in Thai province of Lopburi. He died in November last year, succumbing to an illness. The renowned spiritual and Buddhist guru's body was taken to the temple he served in and placed in a coffin.

Recently, his followers took his body out of the coffin in order to change his clothes and fit him into new, clean robes. When the body was taken out, onlookers were left stunned.

According to pictures shared by them online, the deceased monk had a smile on his face. But what left many even more shocked was that the monk's body had not decayed.

Local reports said his body appeared to be in a state consistent with that of someone who died not more than 36 hours ago. They also said Pian's peaceful face was a sign that the monk had reached nirvana, or liberation from the cycle of death rebirths in saṃsāra — a concept associated with monks in Buddhism.

The other monks will reportedly continue to pray for their spiritual guru until he is finally put to rest in a ceremony that will be held on the 100th day of his death. 

A Metro report said the monk was originally from Cambodia but since he spent most of his life serving as a renowned spiritual and Buddhist guru in Lopburi, his body was returned there following his death.