International Cricket Council (ICC) ran a Twitter poll asking cricket fans to vote for their favourite captains which turned into a showdown between netizens from India and Pakistan. What happened next left netizens in splits as the ICC poll became a "breaking news" segment on a news channel in Pakistan.

A Pakistani channel was trolled for showing Pakistan PM Imran Khan's Twitter poll victory over Indian skipper Virat Kohli as 'Breaking News'. 

Imran Khan

The ICC Twitter poll that became "Breaking news" for Pakistan 

The ICC kickstarted the 'pacesetters' poll on the microblogging site starring the likes of Indian skipper Kohli, former international cricketer Imran, Australia's Meg Lanning, and legendary South African batsman AB de Villiers. The conclusion of the 24-hour poll saw former Pakistani skipper eclipsing Indian skipper Kohli by the narrowest of margins.

Taking reference of the ICC poll, a Pakistani channel tried to bank on Imran's win over Kohli by running it on air as 'Breaking News'. The news channel even ran the ICC poll and also called upon veteran Pakistani cricketer Abdul Qadir to speak during the breaking news segment. Qadir was heard praising Khan's illustrious career. 

ICC wrote in a tweet, "Captaincy proved a blessing for some extraordinary cricketers. Their averages improved as leaders. You decide which of these 'pacesetters' were the best among these geniuses!" 

Former international cricketer Imran Khan eclipsed Kohli, securing 47.3% of the votes and subsequently winning ICC's poll. Kohli came in close second and was voted by 46.2%.

In the conclusion of the poll, ICC tweeted, "The results are out! You've decided the best 'pacesetter'. The indomitable Imran Khan has emerged as the highest-rated captain, beating Virat Kohli, Meg Lanning, and AB de Villiers in the poll."

Netizens had a field day trolling Pakistani news channel  

However, the Pakistani channel was heavily trolled by the Twitterati for showing Imran's mediocre poll victory as a piece of hard news. Completely baffled by a media channel running a Twitter poll on tv as "breaking news" and even discussing it with a guest, netizens had a field day.

One said it is the biggest achievement of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan since the world cup. Another said, "They are celebrating a Twitter poll victory."  Watch the Pakistan news channel segment here: