In order to pay tribute and remember the coronavirus martyrs, IMA decided to acknowledge the contribution of healthcare workers who succumbed during the pandemic while serving patients. 

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) said that over 734 doctors in the country have died due to COVID-19, maintaining a database of health workers who have succumbed to the deadly virus. 


Previously, the IMA provided an updated list of 515 doctors who it said died after contracting coronavirus while treating patients. The body added that the actual number could be "much higher".

According to the IMA COVID-19 data on September 16, as many as 2,238 doctors were infected with the disease and of the 382 lost their lives, a senior official of the doctors' body said.

Remembering the Coronavirus martyrs 

Publishing a list of doctors who left behind families and children, the IMA said, "We demand they be acknowledged and treated as martyrs." Their families and children deserve solace and solatium from the government, the IMA stressed.


The IMA also commended to the government that they seek such data from the representatives of nurses and other healthcare workers. The doctors' body said it had shared with the health ministry hundreds of suggestions and feedback during this national health emergency.

Disclaimer: The above list consists of names of 515 doctors previously issued by IMA. The updated list will be added shortly.