The pandemic has led to increased anxiety in people about the current situation. Confrontations on personal space are bound to occur. Now, more threatening than physical assault is a sneeze or a cough. 

Vir Das was subject to a 'ridiculous' experience last night when a neighbour accosted him outside his residence. The neighbour trying to intimidate the comedian tried to sneeze on him and threatened to hit him claiming that Vir Das was living on his property. The comedian uploaded the video on social media to share the bizarre experience.

Vir Das

Vir Das' neighbour sneezes on him during an altercation amid lockdown

As far as ridiculousness goes, when does a person stop being funny? With the ongoing lockdown, the anxiety surrounding Coronavirus and the global pandemic, the most unpleasant situation is when someone threatens to sneeze or cough on you. Moreover, personal space and social distancing are becoming common practice, and if not observed are punishable offences.

Vir Das found himself in the midst of such a situation in a confrontation with one of his neighbours. An older man appeared in front of the Bollywood actor and comedian's residence, angered by Vir Das. Vir Das was with a friend in his sit-out, his friend was sitting 15 feet away, as Vir Das was getting food packed for him to take. In a video uploaded by the comedian on Twitter, Vir Das tells the man to maintain social distance as he comes closer, claiming that Vir Das is not in his house and should be wearing a mask.

The man then threatens to slap him and tells him he will sneeze on him, proceeding to pull down his mask and sneeze. Vir Das tells him to move away but the man continues to yell at him claiming that the house Vir Das is living in was his and that he was born in the house. He even curses Vir Das saying that his dead parents would haunt him. Vir Das later deleted the tweet and the video he uploaded. 

Vir Das tweet

Vir Das uploaded the video to Twitter, and released a statement in which he writes, "...This man is not my landlord, he lives on the first floor of the annexe building. He is upset because my landlord inherited the house I live in and he didn't. This man does not own my doorstep, my sit-out, or my house. I am not sure if an old man threatening to assault me, or sneezing on me, or asking his dead parents to haunt me counts as harassment. But this is a little ridiculous. And before this turns into him going to the media, as he has done before, and I've sat through it quietly...I'm not normally one for drama...I'm, sorry but this crossed the line. How's your lockdown going?"

The man in question has gone to the media in the past to discuss Vir Das' family and his life. Das uploaded the statement and the video to put the truth out there before his neighbour would reach the media. He explained that nobody was having dinner at his place, his friend Kavi had come to receive a food parcel Vir Das was going to give him.