Dhanush is a very straight forward and outspoken person. When he doesn't like something, he makes sure he tells you on your face. In case he feels uncomfortable about the questions being asked in an interview, Dhanush tells the interviewer that he doesn't like to answer. He is a very kind-hearted person and many know this too. Sometimes when things go out of his hand and control, nobody can save the opposite person from his anger. 

Dhanush in Pattas
Dhanush's Pattas opens well at TN box office.PR Handout

Something similar has happened a couple of years ago, during promotions of VIP2 in Hyderabad. Popular television channel TV9 interviewed the actor and with the questions that annoyed him, Dhanush walked out of the interview with anger.

The anchor asked Dhanush about #suchileaks, and the allegations on him. He said, "I don't know what you are talking about. I have no proper idea about it. I am busy with my film and I don't concentrate on such things."

'Who said I went through mental agony?'

The anchor, again, asked him about the mental agony that he experienced at that time, and Dhanush said, "Who said I went through mental agony? Did I ever say that to anyone."

Then, the anchor asked him about the photos, videos, and allegations on him. Shooting back at the anchor, he said, "I don't have to share things on my personal life to you. Will you reveal your personal matters to me? There is something called privacy... I am not answerable to you and this is a stupid interview."

Dhanush in interview with TV9.Screenshot from YouTube

Dhanush got up from the chair in anger and walked out of the interview. Later, the management of the channel apologised to the actor and he joined the interview again.

Unfortunately, Dhanush never gave interviews to Telugu media. Later, TV9 and their anchor were badly trolled for asking such questions to a pan India star and for not following the ethics.