Bigg Boss 13 contestant Rashmi Desai has always been open about her relationship and personal life. The popular TV face has had a lot of fights and controversies in the house but her relationship with ex Arhaan Khan has been the current interest of viewers. 

Arhaan Khan, Rashami Desai
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At a recent press conference in 'Bigg Boss 13′ house when Rashami Desai was asked about her relationship status with Arhaan Khan, she said that she is done with it.

She said, "It is very much clear, nahi lagta bhavishya mein hum saath mein honge." In one of the episodes, she also said that she doesn't see her future with Arhaan which means she has broken up with him.

When Pinkvilla asked Rashami's mother, Rasila Desai about her thought on Rashami's decision and her ups and downs inside the house, she said, "I lost my sleepover whatever was happening inside the house.

I couldn't support her and be with her inside when she was going through a tough time personally. So much of her personal life was out there. I was stressed how will she cope up? But then I saw her taking a stand and felt so proud that she handled herself very well."

When asked by SpotboyE if she was upset with the makers to discuss her daughter's personal life on a public platform, she said that she was not upset because she understands that there are always two sides to each story.

"I know it was heartbreaking for my daughter to know things which she was unaware of until now. But I'm glad that she discovered his reality (of Arhaan Khan). And I always look at the positive side," said Sr. Desai.

Bigg Boss 13, Siddharth Shukla, Rashami Desai
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When Mahira blamed Rashmi for Arhaan's eviction from Bigg Boss 13

"Arhaan's elimination is not because of fewer votes but he was actually of no use to the makers. Arhaan reminds me of Arjun Rampal in his debut days. I really feel bad about how still in India people don't accept love stories of two people from different religions.

"Earlier when two people from different religions willingly shared the bed in Bigg Boss house, Janta ko ungli karna tha, which forced the makers to change the concept of the show."

"And now I feel makers have let go the idea of getting Rashmi and Arhaan married because they are scared of public outrage."

"Rashmi and Arhaan are my good friends and they look cute together. If they plan about marriage I'll be super happy for them," Mahika said in a statement.

Well, like Rashmi's mother we too feel that Rashmi has definitely held herself strong despite being in stress coming in from all ends.