Ileana D'Cruz
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Break-ups can hurt, and a lot especially when you have seen each other grow during the years that went by in a relationship. And Ileana D'Cruz is also trying to cope up with her split with long-time boyfriend Andrew Kneebone. She's trying to divert her mind by keeping herself busy with certain activities. She was seen making a stunning entrance at Ambani's Ganpati celebration. But little did she know that her recent interaction with her fans over a question-and-answer session on Instagram would take an ugly turn.

One of her followers asked a obnoxious question to Ileana asking her about the time she lost her virginity. "Man...When did you lose your virginity?" asked the individual. But the Raid actress was not ready to take the question in her stride. She shot back at the user and replied, "Wow. Nosy much?? What would your mother tsk tsk."

Last year, when Ileana had interacted with fans on Insatagram, she had revealed that she has been criticised for her body type and is trying to learn to love herself. She has also been vocal about her struggle with body dysmorphic disorder for 15 years. She has also openly spoken about facing depression and had said that over thinking makes anxiety worse.

Meanwhile, Ileana and Andrew have unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted all their photos. And the 30-year-old actress had been posting sad and emotional messages on her Instagram stories to express her sad state.