Ayushmann Khurrana's latest magazine cover is making news for all the right and wrong reasons. The actor is seen rooting for an androgynous look with kohl eyes and nail paint.

However, what backfired was Ayushmann's remark calling it a "gender fluid" look. Many communities are not happy with the whole thing and find it to be offensive.


The backlash

Many have argued "gender fluid" look is an extension of fashion and should not be used to conform to one community. Many queer groups have called out Khurrana for the mis-appropriation. Ayushmann has deleted his post but it already has started a debate.

"Ayushmann Khurrana I am looking at you , just because you painted your nails or applied kohl to your eyes doesn't mean you're gender fluid or breaking gender norms," said a tweet.

"how easy is it for a cis-het like @ayushmannk to write "gender fluid" & cash in likes & positive comments. queer-baiting was cool, but this certainly is not. sorry man, u lost a fan here. everything is not funny or empowering as per your convenience (movie release nearby)," said another user. "Unless you are coming out as 'gender fluid', this would be an appropriation of Queer identities.

A picture of you wearing nailpaint contributes to the narrative that 'men' can't wear nailpaint but only non cis-men can, whereas one can wear nailpaint regardless of their gender," said one more user.

"Nobody becomes gender "fluid" with black nailpaint Ayushmann, if you are SO adamant on bringing some change do some research on the shit transfolk have to go through and have been going through since centuries,,, would that be too much to expect from a "brave" harbinger like you?" asked one more user.

Well, we know Ayushmann Khurrana had no intention of hurting any community, but when you are a celebrity, there's no harm in doing a little research before writing something on the public domain.