Angry Armaan Malik screams at Kritika as she sits beside Vishal Panday despite his 'wow beautiful Bhabhi' remark
Angry Armaan Malik screams at Kritika as she sits beside Vishal Panday despite his 'wow beautiful Bhabhi' remarkInstagram , Twitter

Bigg Boss OTT 3 started on a low note, with the World Cup and Kalki craze taking over, Amid viewers hooked to matches and movies, Bigg Boss this year took a backseat and later last week, the controversial reality show started to grip the audiences.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 is garnering headlines, but again for all the wrong reasons as this is the first time when a contestant has slapped someone on national television.

YouTuber Armaan Malik slapped co-contestant Vishal Pandey for commenting on Kritika Bhabhi's look. This didn't go down well with Armaan and he confronted Vishal and later slapped him.

Needless to say, despite the tension between Vishal Panday and Armaan Malik. His second wife Kritika was seen talking to Vishal.

Angry Armaan Malik screams at Kritika as she sits beside Vishal Panday despite his 'wow beautiful Bhabhi' remark

In the recent episode, Vishal and Kritika were seen talking. Armaan expressed his disapproval. He shouted at her saying, "Idhar aaja ab, abhi bhi aankhein nahi khuli kya ab?"( Come here now, haven't you opened your eyes yet?) She responded by saying "Aankhen khul gayi hain ab" (yes, now my eyes have opened) and moved to sit next to her husband.

Armaan, still agitated, added, "Mujhe abhi bhi lagta hai, aankhon par patti padi hui hai. Tere liye na ek chashmah banwana padega ki lenses ka (I still feel like there's a blindfold over your eyes. I'll have to get you glasses or lenses)."

Kritika explained, "Woh jagah thi toh main Shivani ke paas jaake baith gayi (There was space, so I went and sat next to Shivani)." However, Armaan remained unconvinced and retorted, "You always say koi dikh gaya toh maine ye kar diya, mujhe pata nahi tha toh maine ye kar liya. Mujhe aisa lagta hai main tere saath he nahi aaya (You always say that you did this because you saw that person or you had no idea. Sometimes I feel you did not come to the show with me)."

Why did Armaan slap Vishal?

On this weekend's episode, Payal Malik appeared as a guest on the show. She exposed Vishal's secret conversation with Love Kataria where the former was seen saying he is guilty of liking Kritika. In another video, Vishal was also seen checking out Kritika as she was working out, and he commented pointing towards Armaan, 'Bhai Bhagyashaali (Lucky Brother)'.

Vishal told Lovekesh Kataria that he "finds Armaan's wife, Kritika Malik, beautiful.".

As soon as Armaan got to know, Armaan rushes towards Vishal, and asks, "Ek baat bta, teri aadat abhi se aisi hai ya pehle aisi thi? [Tell me one thing, have you always had this habit or is it recent?]"

Vishal clarified, "Maine us way me nahi bola tha. [I didn't mean it that way.]" Armaan gets even more annoyed and says, "Tu to bolta hi nahi hai. Tu to dudh ka dhula hai. [You never speak, you're so innocent.]"

Armaan slapping Vishal is also a violation of an important clause in the Bigg Boss contract. Vishal's fans have been slamming Armaan for raising his hand on the contestant, housemates felt that it was justified.

Bigg Boss called Ranvir Shorey, Deepak Chaurasia, and Lovekesh into the confession room asking for their take on the matter. Even Anil Kapoor asked other housemates what they felt about Armaan Malik's actions. The majority of the housemates agreed that Armaan Malik slapping Vishal Pandey in that situation was not wrong.

What happened to Vishal after slapping?

While Anil Kapoor announced that Armaan would be nominated for the entire season. Later, tarot reader Munisha Khatwani was announced as the next evicted contestant of the season.