Dhanush and Trisha in Kodi.PR Handout

IBT: Tell us about your role in Kodi.
I think the character itself was very exciting for me. The character has negative shades and I know it's cliched to say this but it's a character I have never played. 

I was not even sure I could pull it off when I first heard the script about six months back. When Durai (the director) told me that he had me in mind when he wrote the script, I asked him why and whether it would suit me. 

This is the role of a girl born and brought up in a village. She's highly ambitious and she wants something very badly. In that sense, I had to put in a lot of work. When we initially shot a few scenes, both Durai and Dhanush felt that there was something missing in my body language. The way a village girl would talk and her exaggerated mannerisms or the way she moved were things that I worked on. It was a challenge. I am very proud of what I've done in this film.

IBT: This is the first time you're acting with Dhanush, though you've known each other for a long time.
Dhanush and I have been in this industry for so many years and I kept bumping into him at award functions and events. We also shot for a film for a few days. We were just basic friends, but only when I started working in Kodi, I got to know him as a person and as an actor. Honestly, Dhanush is brilliant and my respect for him has grown so much after I saw him at work. I don't think I could have pulled off this role without him. He was so helpful. There were some scenes like this fight scene and when I first read it I was very nervous. He broke the scene into five different parts and enacted it out for me. I was feeling much more confident after that. Dhanush is a selfless actor and for a role like this, I needed that support from a co-star and he gave it to me 100%. In fact, we worked very well as a team -- Dhanush, Durai and myself.

IBT: You're playing a village role after a long time, isn't it?
Yes! When we released the first look of the film, I had so many people telling me that I looked like how I did in Saamy. I have played many village girl roles in Tamil or Telugu and they were far simpler because all I had to do was look the part. They were important roles but they were simpler to play. For Kodi, we zeroed in on a look a few months before we actually started shooting. My suggestion was to add a nose ring as most of the girls from the village seem to have one. Durai said let's add that as it adds a lot of flavour to your face. There are just two looks in the film and he was very clear that he didn't want to try anything new. The two looks are distinct.

IBT: Have you dubbed for yourself in the film?
Honestly, I couldn't. The village Tamil was something I could but to speak like a politician was something I didn't want to go wrong.

Many celebrities have sent birthday wishes to the actress on Twitter. Pictured: A photo of Trisha Krishnan.Trisha Krishnan Facebook Page

IBT: Premam's Anupama Parmeswaran is also part of Kodi.
I just have a few scenes with her. Hers is a very cute, bubbly role. She is very talented.

IBT: So the audience will see Trisha in a new avatar in Kodi.
I hope Dhanush fans don't hate me for the things I say to him in the film. (Laughs) I told him this also. I am someone who doesn't get nervous before a release but I am a bit edgy. I can't wait to hear the first reports. Kodi is not a make or break film for me but the character in the film is.


IBT: What's your role like in Sathuranga Vettai 2?
That's also a very exciting role. It's too premature to talk about it. It's about two con artists who keep fighting with each other to outwin the other.

IBT: How's it working with Arvind Swami?
He's so brilliant and handsome as well. (Laughs) We just did a photo shoot and he carries off everything so well. He's a bit of a method actor but we've really not started shooting. I am looking forward to it as he's a wonderful performer and a gentleman. It's a pleasure to work with people like him.

IBT: What's happening with Saamy 2?
To be very honest, I did speak to director Hari when they announced the film. He's not yet etched out a script or decided when he's going to start it. I am not on board officially for the film. I guess he'll have a bound script by January and then decide on the cast and so on.

IBT: Were you disappointed with Nayaki?
I understand a hit or a flop and that some films shape out every badly. I am accustomed to this after having done so many films. But what disappointed me with Nayaki was producer Giridhar as I felt very cheated. At that point, I chose not talk about it as we had filed a civil suit against the film.
Now, I have no qualms in saying I felt very let down and very cheated. He was someone I trusted and did the film for, but he cheated the entire unit. I took a stand saying that I will not promote the film because this was not what he had promised me. I felt I had every right to back off when the time came.

The first look of Trisha's Mohini
The first look poster of Trisha's Mohini has been unveiled.PR Handout

IBT: Mohini seems to have shaped up well.
Yes, it has and unfortunately, I am hearing a lot of 'why are you doing another horror film?'. This was not planned and even I thought I should take a break from the horror genre. But I really liked the script. It's not like Nayaki -- it's quite different. It's not a complete horror and there's a surprise element in it as well. 

 IBT: Bollywood's Jackky Bhagnani is part of the film.
He really fit the role of a London-bred guy. When we started filming, I felt he was apt for the role.

IBT: Where are you watching the first day, first show of Kodi?
At Sathyam with my friends, family and members of the unit.