An Indian Air Force's Cheetah helicopter was carrying COVID-19 test samples, but developed a technical snag mid-way, due to which the pilot had to make an emergency landing on a highway near Hindon in Ghaziabad on Thursday. The IAF chopper was on its way to Chandigarh from Hindon, tasked with bringing coronavirus test samples from Leh.

"The actions taken by the pilots were prompt and correct. No damage to any property has been reported, an IAF spokesperson was quoted as saying by PTI.

Soon after the incident was reported, a recovery aircraft was launched from Hindon and the chopper was brought back to the airbase safely.

IAF chopper lands on highway
IAF chopper lands on highwayvia Twitter

IAF on COVID-19 missions

The Indian Air Force has been actively ferrying medical equipment to remote areas and its transport aircraft and helicopters have been deployed for the assistance of any kind in regards to coronavirus. IAF is also transporting test samples from remote areas to various labs in the cities to have them tested for COVID-19. These efforts are helping in efficient and speedy testing amid lockdown. All transports, except for essential services, by air and road have been restricted as the nation is put under lockdown until May 3.

Coronavirus in India

Medial staff on coronavirus duty
Medial staff on coronavirus duty

Due to the rising cases in coronavirus, the state and union governments have taken stringent lockdown measures to contain the virus. Certain hotspot areas have been identified, which have been sealed completely in various parts of the country. After April 20, there will be some relaxations in the lockdown for areas that haven't reported any cases.

In India, there are more than 12,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, of which 1,400 have recovered and 414 have died.