SS Rajamouli, who was in Bengaluru on Saturday to promote his forthcoming movie RRR, said that he wanted to dub his previous movie Baahubali series in Kannada and he was slammed by people for not releasing the flick in the state language in Karnataka.

SS Rajamouli and RRR Team
SS Rajamouli's RRR team during promotions.PR Handout

SS Rajamouli Came Under Attack from Kannadigas
"When I made Baahubali, we made it in Tamil and Telugu. We dubbed into Malayalam and Hindi languages. When we released the film, I got comments in Twitter feed cursing me for not releasing the film in Kannada," he said.

The filmmaker in Bengaluru claimed that people had accused the makers of giving importance to other languages and not Kannada. "I was asked 'do u think Kannadigas are lesser than other people?'. I am from Karnataka and I wanted to dub it into my own language, but there were rules at that point in time saying dubbing is not allowed. So we could not dub," he explained.

Dubbing Ban
For decades, there was an unofficial ban on dubbing movies in Karnataka and it was only lifted due to the Competition Commission of India's intervention in recent years.

Ram Charan and NTR from SS Rajamouli's upcoming movie RRR
Ram Charan and NTR from SS Rajamouli's upcoming movie RRR

RRR to Release in Kannada
According to SS Rajamouli, there are audience for both the original version and dubbed content." People want to watch the movie in the original language but not the entire population. Some people want to watch it in the original language. There is another section that wants to watch it in Kannada itself. So in Karnataka, we will be releasing it in Kannada and other languages," he said, adding that fans will have the choice to watch RRR in whatever language they want.

The filmmaker claims that they have taken special care while dubbing RRR in Kannada. "Lots of importance has been given to every voice and every word they say to ensure that it is as perfect as possible. A Kannada star can make mistakes and people wouldn't mind but people look with magnifying glasses when it has Telugu heroes. So we have taken extra care. I am guessing that the trailer denotes how good the pronunciation is. And we still are humans and might have made mistakes. We will learn that and correct in forthcoming films," he concluded.