Death is widely considered the ultimate truth in human lives. According to spiritualists, death is basically a door that paves way for the human soul to enter a different realm. However, for medical experts, death is the end of everything, and a human life ceases when the brain stops functioning. 

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, spiritualists strongly argue that there is a life after death, and to substantiate their views, they often cite the testimonials shared by near-death experience (NDE) survivors. 

life after death
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And now, one such NDE testimonial has gone viral on online spaces, and it has made many people believe that afterlife could be real. 

Mysterious NDE testimonial shared by Estelle

The newly surfaced NDE testimonial is shared on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation website by a woman named Estelle. In her testimonial, Estelle claimed to have reached the verge of death, when she saw three people. 

"I felt the presence of three people on my right, one closer to me, and two behind. I didn't see them, but I knew very clearly that they were there. Their presence was distinct, very strong, and benevolent. It was as if I had known them forever, without being able to say who they were. They radiated Love; they too were made of love," wrote Estelle on the NDERF website

These three people later asked Estelle, "It's not your time yet, but you have a choice whether to stay or not. Know, however, that if you decide to stay, everything will be fine." 

Thinking of her children, Estelle decided to go back to the physical world. 

Estelle also made it clear that she lost awareness of her body during these dying moments, and added that the experience was pleasant. 

The non-physical part of human beings

The testimonial shared by Estelle has now gone viral on online spaces. After reading her experience, several people have started arguing that the concept of life after death, as mentioned in several religious texts could be real. 

A few months back, a top expert had also suggested that human beings may have a non-physical part related to spirituality. 

Dr Bruce Greyson, professor emeritus in psychiatry at the University of Virginia suggested that human life is not just confined to the physical body

"I am convinced now, after doing this for 40, 50 years, that there is more to life than just our physical bodies. I recognize that there is a non-physical part of us. Is that spiritual? I'm not sure. Spirituality usually involves a search for something greater than yourself, for meaning and purpose in the universe. Well, I certainly have that," said Greyson.