Huge Octopus Attacks and Attempts to Steal Diver’s Camera
Huge Octopus Attacks and Attempts to Steal Diver’s CameraReuters

Two scuba divers in Bluefish Cove, California encountered a huge octopus that attacked them and tried stealing their camera.

Divers David Malvestuto, 34, and Warren Murray, 56, managed to record the footage. The octopus measured about 8 feet in length.

"Before you know it, I saw one arm grab him and then the whole body just lunged onto his camera" said Murray, who filmed the incident, as reported by BBC News.

"I was worried that the octopus wasn't actually going to come off his camera and I was just making sure I got it on video, otherwise the people on land wouldn't believe us. We didn't bother it or put it in a dangerous situation, so I think it more or less was just curious", he added.

But when they started clicking photos, with flash, the octopus swam away, leaving the divers victorious.

However, this is not the first time that an octopus tried stealing a camera. In 2010, an octopus attempted to steal diver Victor Huang's camera, which resulted in a cat and mouse chase, as the diver followed the creature, hoping to get his camera back.

Though the animal wrapped its tentacles around the camera, he still persisted to click pictures and did not let go.

Octopuses are quite good in covering themselves, which makes divers assume them to be rocks.

Both divers emerged safe during the encounter with no injuries, and were fortunate enough, considering the fact all octopuses are poisonous as well.

Watch the amazing video of the octopus attempting to steal the diver's camera here: